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What does white glove final mile do?

White Glove Final Mile

White glove final mile is a premium delivery service that goes beyond dropping a shipment off at the door. It includes a wide range of hand-on services like assembly, debris removal, and installation.

Providing these high-value deliveries requires advanced route optimization tools, vehicle safety checks, and real-time tracking to provide transparency for customers. Moreover, a vehicle load check tool in last-mile delivery software optimizes loading processes to prevent any damage to the premium cargo.


With modern consumers ordering heavier packages online and demanding a similar delivery experience to smaller ones, logistics providers must find ways to provide white glove final mile solutions for the most complex shipments. This often means leveraging customizations such as photo proof of delivery (ePOD) and a load check tool within last-mile software to ensure the best client experience.

This feature helps delivery experts confirm all products are accounted for before leaving the vehicle, minimizing the risk of lost or misplaced items. It also ensures all stops are completed efficiently and on time — something that’s especially important when handling premium deliveries.

A recent survey by uShip found that over 50% of respondents placed a premium on visibility, communication and carrier professionalism when shopping with specific merchants. With this in mind, offering white glove delivery services allows you to stand out as a logistics partner that truly cares about the client’s shipment experience and goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.


White glove delivery offers a premium and specialized shipping experience, catering to customers with valuable and delicate products. As a result, it requires an elevated level of customer service from its employees and logistics providers alike.

This includes ensuring that in-home delivery and assembly is handled with care, and that the customer’s home or office is left clean after a product is delivered. It also means leveraging delivery tracking so that customers have transparency into their shipment’s progress, and the ability to communicate with their couriers when they have questions or concerns.

In addition, last-mile software tools like route optimization, vehicle checks, load check, idling statuses, and a custom electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) can be invaluable for optimizing white glove deliveries. Moreover, offering white glove services is an excellent way to differentiate your logistics offerings and stand out in the crowded marketplace. In the end, it’s a way to deliver a high-quality experience that can lead to repeat buyers and increased brand loyalty.


As white glove delivery involves intricate work, logistics providers must be able to offer a high-quality customer experience. This includes providing services that go beyond product transport. For example, couriers can deliver and set up furniture or appliances in customers’ homes, as well as dispose of packaging materials. This helps businesses meet their customers’ expectations while reducing operational costs and boosting revenue.

As premium deliveries demand utmost precision, last mile logistics software offers tools to help couriers optimize their operations. For instance, a vehicle safety check feature allows couriers to verify that all items are safely loaded in their vehicles before departing. This minimizes the risk of damages during transit and enables them to adhere to weight and capacity limits.

Other crucial features include a custom electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), which makes it easy for both logistics teams and clients to keep track of the status of their orders. Advanced route optimization tools enable couriers to find the most efficient routes based on traffic conditions and other factors, further improving their on-time delivery rate.


White-glove services can take many forms. For instance, they may involve removing old appliances or furniture when delivering new ones to homes and businesses. They may also include installation of items like televisions, Internet modems, shelving systems, and other goods that require extra work to install. Moreover, they may also include debris removal after delivery.

Residential white-glove services are a popular option for individuals who want to receive their freight inside their private residences. They can help recipients without the resources to successfully offload and position large freight. For example, a carrier can offer curb service to bring the shipment to the recipient’s driveway or to a covered area nearby where they park their truck.

Other residential white-glove offerings involve bringing the shipment inside the house or office and then disassembling and putting it together. This can include moving the item up or down stairs and through hallways. In addition, it can also include removing any packing materials and disposing of them properly.

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