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Driver Staffing solutions in Oklahoma


Dedicated Final Mile provider in the State of Oklahoma. With warehouses and cross docks in the major cities we can provide affordable, safe, and premium delivery services to help you stand out from the rest.

Your Package, Our Commitment

Your one-stop logistics partner across oklahoma City

Want to ship that package and looking for the most reliable Oklahoma final mile delivery services that don't cost an arm and a leg? Look no further! Driver Staffing Solutions is here to solve all your logistic problems seamlessly. We offer fast, reliable, and hassle-free logistics services in Oklahoma to deliver your packages on time, every time.

Our one-stop final mile delivery services and supply chain management solutions ensure that you don't have to go anywhere else because we've got your back!

No Matter What You Need To Ship; We Do It Safely And Timely

Are you fed up with managing final mile deliveries and want a trusted partner who can take this off your plate? With your ever-growing e-commerce business, on-time delivery is a major requirement that you need to figure out. We’re here to help! Our fleet drivers and hands-on experience with logistics operations, ensure that your package is delivered to the customer’s doorstep right on time.

With our tracking tools and integrated systems, you can  track your shipment and inventory from anywhere and anytime – allowing you to scale and grow as you like.

Our Services

Our team at Driver Staffing Solutions is ready to revolutionize the way you do business. Our efficient infrastructure, assets, and cutting edge supply chain operations make us valuable one-stop logistics service providers in Tulsa OK, capable of serving various industry verticals. Choose our services to make sure your parcel reaches your customers safely and timely. 

Why Choose Us?

Logistics Company In Oklahoma city That You Can Trust

With our on-point logistical operations, you can automate your final mile delivery in Oklahoma to improve the customer experience. You’ll be able to track and analyze operations from anywhere to have complete control over your business. 

Quality Controlled Delivery Operation

We have been in the logistics management for a long time, and are well versed in ensuring that the provide quality services.  Whether it’s the final mile delivery,  warehousing, or supply chain management, we have the ability to handle any job.   

Prompt and On-time Delivery

Consumers today want their purchases to arrive on time – but faster than ever before.  With our extensive experience in Logistical planning, we make certain that your products get to their destination in a timely fashion. We have devised strategies to lower the delivery time to improve the customer experience.

Efficient And Scalable Services 

With our decades of expertise in logistics, process efficiency, and technology; we have come up with even stronger, cost-effective, and more efficient operations. We exceed your demands with highly streamlined processes that run across a wide spectrum. 

Versatile Fleet Operation 

We have successfully overcome one of the biggest challenges in logistics operations – fleet management. With efficient fleet operations we ensure that your goods are delivered on time, and in a cost-effective manner.  

Premium And Affordable Services 

By partnering with Driver Staffing Solutions, you benefit from our experience.  We can help you find ways to  reduce costs and ensure a smooth process for delivery of your products.  

Supply Chain Management

Unable to keep a track of every shipment, order, and inventory level? Hand over this tedious task to us. Our team can handle your operations and supply chain management problems. At Driver Staffing Solutions - we've got your logistics needs covered.

Network Routes

Dealing with your customers and taking a lot of orders can be overwhelming as you have to manage returns, track shipments, and deliver every package safely to your customer's doorstep. At Driver Staffing Solutions, we will find the most cost effective and efficient route to make the process smooth.

Fleet Drivers

Our fleet of experienced and dependable drivers are here to serve you anytime. No matter how quickly you need to dispatch your shipment and how long the distance is; our drivers have a tailored plan for you. Take the worry about of delivery - with Driver Staffing Solutions.


Don't own a warehouse to store goods or your storage has run out? Throw all your warehousing needs at us. DSS has warehouses located at logistical hubs in Oklahoma, we provide the best strategic locations to our clients. We have the latest inventory control and management tools to have 24/7 inventory and operational data.

Final Mile Delivery

Regarded as one of the most important legs in logistics operations, final mile delivery plays a vital part in achieving customer satisfaction. The DSS delivery team takes care of the whole process and fulfills the order without any loopholes–so that you always provide the best experience to your customers.

Seasoned Logistics Experts

Are you frustrated with logistic headaches? Dealing with late deliveries and frustrated customers? Look no further - our team can help solve these logistics issues. We have the experience and the resources to keep your products moving. Call Driver Staffing Solutions for all of your logistics needs in Oklahoma and beyond.