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Driver Staffing solutions in tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dedicated logistics service in Tulsa, providing affordable, safest, and premium delivery services to help you stand out from the rest.

Your Package, Our Promise

Your non-stop delivery partner operating across Tulsa

Don't trust just anyone with those important Tulsa final mile deliveries - trust the professionals at Driver Staffing Solutions. We promise to deliver your packages on time, every time because we know that customer satisfaction is key. Our cost-effective methods will save you money while ensuring the job gets done right.

Optimizing Your Logistical and Distribution Network

Are you tired of working with logistics companies that just don’t have what it takes to tackle big-city challenges? Look no further, because we’ve got your back! As the second largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa requires a logistics company with serious capacity and resources. And that’s exactly what we offer. Our team is skilled and experienced in handling wide-area operations, so you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and effectively. So next time you’re considering your logistics options in Tulsa, choose the clear winner – choose us!

We are the best of the best trucking company logistics in Tulsa OK that has the expertise to achieve the optimum operations capability and use the best supply chain management tools to fulfill the requirements of our clients efficiently. 

    Our Services

    Our team at Driver Staffing Solutions is ready to revolutionize the way you do business. Our efficient infrastructure, assets, and cutting edge supply chain operations make us valuable one-stop logistics service providers in Tulsa OK, capable of serving various industry verticals. Choose our services to make sure your parcel reaches your customers safely and timely. 

    Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Let us effectively and efficiently coordinate material flow and store goods, services, and related information to deliver products safely from you to your customers. This ensures transparency, increases efficiency, and improves infrastructure.

    Network Routes

    Using the latest technological advancements, final mile operations optimize last-mile delivery network routes. The goal is to reach several addresses and visit each area in the most time-efficient and cost-effective sequence problem through the national network truck route.This route optimization process solves two of the most challenging logistics problems – the Travelling Salesman Problem and the Vehicle Route Problem.

    Fleet Drivers

    Hire fleet drivers who you can trust. Our company's experienced drivers reflect our loyalty toward you. Our comprehensive policy and hiring procedure check off all liability factors, making our drivers our true road heroes. Without their hard work and dedication, none of this will be possible.


    Sort all your warehousing needs in Tulsa OK with DSS. Customize and get a quote depending on your budget, space needed, and for how long you have to make deliveries to the customers. Warehousing helps you meet urgent demands, keeps your goods safe, buys you more time to run business operations smoothly, and saves you a great deal of money. Small to medium scale businesses prefer warehousing rather than spending money on their warehouse.

    Final Mile Delivery

    Shake hands with your customers through a trustworthy touch point and make them your permanent clients who put their trust in you every time. The final mile delivery journey starts from the warehouse shelf, into the truck's back, and finally to a customer's doorstep. This final mile delivery not only saves you time and money but also calls for the highest customer satisfaction

    Last Mile Optimization API

    Get your packages delivered in just a few hours with last mile route optimization software or delivery route planner. It works on a plethora of different destinations and computes them to create the perfect sequence. It's an integrated system so that our clients can benefit from it. This means you will have the freedom of planning, creating, and dispatching your orders all by yourself.

    Why Choose Us?

    Logistics Company In Tulsa OK That You Can Trust

    Reliable service and on-time delivery is promised once you partner with us.

    As a customer, you deserve professional, reliable service and an outstanding experience. With us, you will not only benefit from a fleet of trucks and state-of-the-art technology, but dedicated and highly experienced fleet drivers too – to help deliver high quality services, every time. 

    Quality Controlled Operation

    When it comes to being a final-mile delivery in Tulsa OK, quality and precision are our top priorities. Once we receive your parcels, our efficient operations, and supply chain team sorts and processes the parcel and forwards it to our trusted delivery staff promptly.

    Quick and On-time Delivery Promised 

    With overall transparency, scalability, and tracking visibility, our clients always know where exactly their packages are. We have created a streamlined process that ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency. Our strategically located interstate warehouses also offer our customers superior transit times.

    Most Efficient And Scalable Logistics 

    We use tailored industry-leading information technology solutions to provide the most efficient logistics in Tulsa. You’ll get transparent, nearest real-time tracking, reporting, and billing for all deliveries at the single-unit level for scalability. 

    Versatile Fleet Operation 

    We apply the best strategy to get your products to your customers safely and timely, while regularly optimizing the supply chain process. Book Driver Staffing Solution, your reliable and efficient logistics  partner in sunshine and rain, providing continuous support and assistance throughout the whole delivery process. 

    Cost-Effective Yet Premium Services

    As a company, we are aware of the importance of maintaining a low operating cost while still providing timely and secure delivery of your product. No matter how close or far away your customer is, we will always keep the pricing that maximizes your profits.